I recently spent several days improving the OCaml FreeTDS C bindings for work, and I thought it might be useful to share the problems I ran into and how to solve them.

I tried to order things so the most likely issues are listed first, but if you're trying to debug some C binding crashes, I recommend just reading the whole thing.

This post will assume you're already familiar with the official documentation.

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This is a short post to document an issue we ran into at work so it will show up in search results for people who have this problem in the future.

  • Use FreeTDS 1.0 if you can.
  • If you're stuck on FreeTDS 0.91 (and possible other pre-1.0 versions), don't use any TDS version above 7.0.

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From a non-theoretical engineer perspective, a monad is a kind of container that you can apply functions to to get a new monad. In particular, you need a way to put something into your monad and a way to apply changes to it. These are called return and bind. There is also a third operation, map, which is a combination of the two. Note that monads are allowed to be empty, which will make bind and map not do anything; and they can also contain more than one thing (in which case bind and map will call the function you give them more than once and merge the results).

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