Today I installed Minecraft on a new computer and the textures all looked terrible and blurry:

Minecraft looking blurry

Since the fix wasn't terribly obvious, I figured I'd document it here in the hopes that search engines pick it up.

After a lot of trial and error, I determined that the problem was anisotropic filtering. You can find the setting by going to the menu and clicking "Options", then "Video Settings", and then scrolling the bottom:

Minecraft settings showing anisotropic filtering set to 2

I tested various levels and found that off was the only one that worked:

Minecraft settings showing anisotropic filtering off

With that change, it looks nice and blocky again:

Minecraft looking nice and blocky

I suspect this is a problem with my video card, since it works fine on my old nVidia card. My new computer uses built-in grahics from the Intel i7-4770.

In case this doesn't solve your problem, another fix is to try clicking through the "Super Secret Settings".