About Me

Brendan Long

I'm a software engineer at , with most of my current programming work using OCaml. I'm the primary maintainer of PGX, a pure-OCaml PostgreSQL client library, Mssql, a FreeTDS-based SQL Server client library, and the unofficial Sentry bindings for OCaml. I also wrote a library to read xlsx (Excel) files, although it ended up not being useful for our work and I haven't done much with it since.

I previously worked at CableLabs. My open source work there led to becoming a WebKit committer, with most of my contributions related to HTML5 video support (closed captions, metadata, streaming, etc.), and also a reasonable number of contributions to GStreamer. I used to participate in MPEG, with most of my time spent on MPEG-DASH and MPEG-2 Transport Stream.

I'm one of the maintainers of FeedReader (a GTK+ RSS/Atom/etc. reader with multiple backends), and I've made a few contributions to make Feedbin more usable on mobile devices.

My email address is self@brendanlong.com.